Luke 6:31: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” 

Luke 6:31

The so-called Golden Rule is often held up by Christians and non-Christians alike as the pinnacle of how we are treat each other.

I agree.

However, I think most Christians may miss the greater point.

It’s obvious to most Christians that we wouldn’t murder or steal.

I’m not going to kill someone, because I don’t want to be killed.

I’m not going to steal from my neighbor, because I don’t want anyone to steal from me.

Got it.

Luke 6:31: Expanded Meaning 

What about this? What about the more mundane side of life?

When I’m in a grocery line, I notice the people behind me. If a fellow shopper has a few items, I let her go ahead of me, even if my items are already on the belt.

Why? I’d like to be treated the same way.

This happened to me recently. A woman was ahead of me in line with $150 worth of merchandise.

I had four items in my hand.

While I could have gone to the other end of the store to do self-check, I elected to stay in line.

The woman ahead of me acknowledged me, even looked at what I had in my hands, but didn’t say, “You go first.”

I’m not suggesting that she deliberately slighted me. She was probably overwhelmed by daily life, distracted from thinking about others.

My point, though, is to notice others’ situations and put yourself in them.

When we can do that, I believe we act out the selflessness suggested in the Scripture.

It can also make you feel better.

I’ve had ho-hum days where I’ve done this, put another person, a stranger first, and there’s a real feeling of joy.


I think a lot of commands in the Bible are meant for us, including Luke 6:31, just as much as for our neighbors. We give; we receive.

Try it. Then, let me know in the comments!

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