(Given the season, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the reason we celebrate. This post in no way means to disrespect other faiths.) 


The most important relationship I have is with Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Savior.

It wasn’t always the case.

My Jesus Journey:

I didn’t become a Christian until I was 25, but I knew about him from the time I was a teen.

That’s when I met my friend, Melissa.

My family and I had just moved to a smaller community so my dad could have more space.

He loved space, because that meant gardens. And he loved gardening.

Melissa was one of my first friends. A devout Christian, she never pushed me. She just invited me to church.

I knew Jesus was real, and I felt His presence. I knew what he wanted: my profession of faith.

But I didn’t cooperate.

Periodically, I would feel Him, but dismissed the feeling. I would continue to do this until I was in my 20s.

Then, I told my new husband that I wanted to join a church and be baptized. The time finally seemed right; I could no longer ignore the feelings I had.


We found one literally in our back yard, about a mile away.


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I was baptized alongside a teen, which seems appropriate, looking back on it.

Today, I’m a much different person from the one who was baptized.

I’ve changed, grown, and matured, thanks in large measure to the members of that congregation who showed me the way.

Others have, too, of course.

I couldn’t have progressed without the help of fellow Christians.

Which is why I’m writing this.

Next Steps:

If you are in a similar situation, you know He’s real, but you haven’t done anything about it, why are you waiting?

Do it!

Then, surround yourself with Christian friends who can help you the way mine did.

Listen to Christian music.

Pray and study regularly.


Remember GIGO: garbage in, garbage out.

Practice what I call mind control.

Avoid the trash in our culture that tries to take over our minds.

Fill your mind with positive, uplifting thoughts.

Serve others and find true happiness.

Then, mentor others.

Even though Christians aren’t immune from difficulties in life, you’ll find that you can better cope with His peace that passes all understanding!



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