I love cleaning. No, I’m not joking! I really do.

I get a sense of accomplishment from doing the work. Plus, I consider it part of my exercise program!

I love it when people visit and compliment my efforts, thinking my house is totally clean. (It usually isn’t.)

To me, there’s a difference between a home being neat and being clean. Neatness is simply everything in its place; cleanliness means everything is literally clean.

My home is always neat, but not always clean.

Keep clutter away

What makes cleaning a whole lot easier for me is that I don’t have clutter in my home. Without the clutter, cleaning is a breeze.

Here’s how you can work on keeping clutter away!

Keeping Clutter Away: The Back Door!
What? How can my back door (or yours) help to eliminate clutter?

It’s very simple.

Make sure that what comes in your back door goes into an appropriate place or spot, rather than being thrown on the floor or put on a counter.



We have recycle bins in our garage, by the back door. Before bringing in the mail, we go through it and recycle the junk mail. The remaining pieces are brought inside. Bills are paid online and then shredded.


We have a mudroom off the back door, which is our receptacle for all shoes. Even if you don’t have a mudroom, you can still purchase shoe holders and put them in a utility room or even in the garage; we have two, a smaller one and a larger one that holds about 32 pairs. (Remember: there are three girls in the family. We have a lot of shoes!)


You guessed it: we have multiple places to hang these items right inside the back door.

•School Backpacks and other Items

These may stay in the kitchen if homework is being done; otherwise, they are taken to bedrooms and stored there.  Finished homework goes into the backpacks immediately; this prevents the homework from being “lost” and from cluttering floors, counters, or desks.


All laundry items are either placed in hampers in individual bedrooms or put directly into the washer. Dishes are immediately put into the dishwasher when dirty and removed after the dishwasher has run.


Before making purchases, ask yourself if you really need the items.  If it’s a case of wanting but not needing the items, limit the number you purchase.  This can save lots of money, as well as prevent extra clutter from entering your home.

Let’s face it.

Even if you follow my tips, clutter still accumulates. That’s why, every night before bed, I go through the house and put away any stray items.

Even if my home isn’t totally clean, it still gives the illusion that it is, because it’s neat.

Try it.

You may be more motivated to clean when there’s no clutter in the way!

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