Today, I have 2 must-read bathroom remodel tips to share with you, from my recent remodel experience. 

I’m not a remodeler;

If I did, I would most likely tear down my home! That’s why I hire people to do it for me.

My part in the process is the design and selection of materials and products.

I’m totally self-taught, mainly from HGTV!

I know what I like, and I know what works over the long haul. That’s my strong suit. 

So, if you’re like me, here are 3 must-read bathroom remodel tips to help you!


 •2 Must-Read Bathroom Remodel Tips:

Find the right

contractor, both in terms of price and quality.


It’s possible to find folks who are willing to remodel on a dime. Yes, you save in the short-term, but you almost always lose.

Cutting corners and dragging out a project forever are the consequences I’ve seen.

How do you know who’s good?  


Ask your family and friends; go to Angie’s List; or do a Google search of contractors in your area. Read their websites and ask yourself how thorough and detailed they are. 

As you know, I’m an English teacher, so I don’t say that just to get you to read! 

You can make a determination about a contractor’s attention to detail when you view his website. 


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For example, the one we chose had an extremely wordy website; had I been grading it, I would’ve needed lots of red ink!

However, we thought that because he was so detail oriented on the site, he would probably be that way on the job site. 

We were right.

It isn’t always true, but it’s still a good metric to use.


 •2 Must-Read Bathroom Remodel Tips:

Stick with the classics. 


Trendy items and colors are awesome, right? My advice is to stick with materials that stand the test of time.

For example, in both my bathrooms, I went with a white theme, except for the flooring.

While it’s trendy right now to have white bathrooms, it’s not like white is ever going out of style.


I like it because it looks fresh and bright; the previous color, a pale green, got old, even though green is my favorite color.

Color is important, though, so I chose a beautiful shade of sea foam green to use as an accent color in the master bath. 

It will be easy to accessorize either bathroom with coordinating towels and rugs.

I hope my 2 must-read bathroom remodel tips help you as you move forward with your own project! 

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2 Must-Read Bathroom Remodel Tips 



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