Life hacks are one of the most popular Pinterest categories. Surprised? Not me!

I love those posts, and I’m guessing you do, too.

Izabel and I decided to write posts offering our best life hacks that we’ve picked up along the way. (Hers will appear later!)

We want to emphasize that these work well for us, but may not work well for everyone.

Here we go!


Life Hacks:


•Taking a garlic supplement may decrease your blood pressure.

My mom and her dad, my grandpa, both had high blood pressure, so I thought it was probably inevitable that I would have it, too.

Recently, over several weeks, I’ve noticed through readings at home that my blood pressure is slightly elevated.

At that point, I did some research online and found that garlic supplements can sometimes lower blood pressure.

life hacks

I decided to give it a try, so I went to a friend’s store and discovered that the best brand to take is Garlinase 5000, one per day.

After just a few days, my blood pressure decreased to a normal level again.


While this product or any other garlic supplement may not work for everyone, this life hack may be worth a try, especially if your blood pressure is just recently elevated.


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 •Take and use your own pen in public settings.

I’m somewhat of a germaphobe, so whenever I see articles or new stories about staying healthy, I read them. 

life hacks

A doctor offered the pen tip as a way to stay healthy during winter, but I believe the tip is useful all year long.

That’s why I usually take and use my own pen; if I don’t, I always use hand sanitizer after using someone else’s pen!

•Save money on monthly bills.

Almost without exception, when my family has decided to cancel a subscription to a particular service, we are offered a lower rate if we stay.

Makes sense, right? The company would rather lose a little money than lose a customer altogether.

One recent example: We subscribed to DIRECTV. As many of you know, the monthly rate is quite expensive.


My husband and I decided to cancel, so he called a customer service rep. Immediately, she offered a rate that was significantly less than what we were paying.

A close friend had ADT and decided he no longer wanted the service.

When he called, the same thing happened.

Check into it, my friends. It could save you hundreds over the course of a year!

What are your favorite life hacks? Please share in the comments below. 

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 (Did you catch my friend Peter’s post on how to save money for retirement? No? Here it is!) 

life hacks 



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