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Our blogger friends at #ccbg are offering some great organization ideas for your home! 

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If you’re like me, there are several areas of your house where you need to better organize.

However, when time is tight and motivation is low, here are three small, but relatively fast, ways to tackle the job a little at a time.

Organize My Desk:

I love neatness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m well organized.

Marie Kondo, I’m not.

My desk has only two drawers, one for supplies and one for files.

 I don’t have a lot of stuff in the files, nor does it look that bad, but I can tell you that Marie would be disappointed.

There’s too much in each file, and multiple categories of documents in the same file.

For example, some of my teaching documents are intermingled with personal stuff, like hard copies of my freelance articles.

To become better organized, I’m going to clean out what I have in the files and then replace the remaining contents in prettier file folders.

Yeah, I went crazy at Target and Staples today, buying these babies.

three areas to organize


three areas to organize

I’m a sucker for pretty things. The plain, ugly folders have to go.

So do ½ the documents in the files. Most of them are redundant or no longer applicable.

Here’s the end result, about 30 minutes later.

three areas to organize

Granted, it’s only one drawer, but now I know where things are and can get to them when I need to do so.

One problem area solved!

Now, onto the kitchen.

 Organize My Refrigerator:

My refrigerator usually looks like a disaster inside, although no one would know without opening the doors.

I know it, though, so it’s a problem.

We always seem to have random spills which, as you know, make a huge mess in very hard to clean places.

What we have in the fridge is thrown in wherever a spot is found, not in a logical way.  Food sometimes is wasted because it’s hidden behind other items.

What to do?

I snapped up this liner at Target, which I cut and placed on the shelves.

three areas to organize

First step: Clean out and declutter the fridge. I used warm, soapy water, which took about 10 minutes for the three shelves.

With all the items on my countertops, I went through and decluttered. Who needs four bottles of mustard anyway?!?

Next step: I tried grouping like items together, like condiments on one of the shelves and taller items on the third shelf.

That may or may not last.

However, less than half an hour later, my fridge looks much improved!

three areas to organize

The inside of the fridge is now prettier, thanks to the liner and the decluttering process.

For me, that’s my motivation in house-cleaning: keeping things looking nice. 

 Oh, and if a random spill occurs, the liner makes it a breeze to clean!


Organize My Kitchen Drawers:

One final project for the day: my kitchen drawers.

They were a hot mess.

Too many items. Utensils used only once in awhile. Some items never used – ever.

Again, the purge occurred.

Once that was complete, with leftover liner from the fridge, I lined the drawers in the kitchen.

three areas to organize

Time spent: Less than half an hour.

So, for less than two hours total, I was able to declutter and organize three problem areas in my home.

Not bad for an afternoon.

I look at it this way.  It’s like exercise – some is better than none.  Sorry, Marie!

Now to keep it all this way – wish me luck.


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