Easy, Satisfying Beef Stew


I’m not a big fan of red meat.

However, several times a year, especially in the fall and winter, I have a yearning for beef stew.

Raise your hand if you agree!

I really enjoy a beef stew that’s easy and satisfying on a cold day.


My beef stew recipe uses a slow cooker, which makes it very convenient.

Plop all of the ingredients into it first thing in the morning, and then when dinnertime arrives, a pot of steaming stew is ready for you!

 I’m picky about meat. When I buy stew meat, it has to be organic.

Notice, also, that I said stew meat. I usually don’t buy the steak and then cut it, although doing so will save a few bucks.


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The time I save in not having to cut up the meat into chunks is more than worth the extra price.

It’s a very simple recipe, with a few surprising ingredients!

Beef Stew Recipe:

Take one pound of meat and brown it in a skillet, after covering the meat with flour and shaking off the excess. I use olive oil.

For the veggie portion, you will need half a bag of baby carrots or three-four regular sized carrots, one sweet onion, two-three stalks of celery, including the leaves, and two large potatoes. 

(Did you know that celery leaves add lots of great flavor to dishes?)

Cut the veggies into your desired serving size and then layer them in the bottom of the slow cooker, which has been sprayed with a non-stick cooking spray.

Next, cover the veggies with the browned meat. I add a can of diced tomatoes, with their juices, and a cup of veggie broth.

To that, add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of pepper, a tablespoon of garlic powder, a teaspoon of paprika, a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce, and a squeeze or two of mustard.

I cook my stew on low for eight hours.

When the stew is finished, I dish it up, sprinkling some parsley on top for color. (Yeah, I watch Food Network.)

Cornbread muffins are a perfect pairing with the stew, so by all means, include those with yours, too.

With tender meat, flavorful veggies, and a soothing broth, this dish is perfect for a blustery, cold day!

(I always use beef in my spaghetti, but I probably make mine differently than you do. Click here to see how!)

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What is your favorite cold-weather recipe?

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