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Awhile back, one of my cousins told me he had purchased and completed a DNA testing kit and recommended that I do the same. Coincidentally, this was at our cousins’ reunion held a few weeks ago; family was on my mind more so than usual.

DNA testing kit

My dad and his mom were siblings, born in this country, but their two eldest siblings and parents had been born in Syria; they emigrated at the turn of the last century.

My mom’s parents both had English roots.

I was intrigued to see what a DNA test might reveal apart from this known family history.

My husband was also interested, so we purchased two kits, on sale for $79 each. (He is originally from Iceland, by the way. If you missed my post on his birth country, click here.)

The DNA testing kits arrived quickly.

Inside were a collection tube for saliva, a sealable baggie, a box for returning the sample, and instructions.


It took less than five minutes for the entire process.

DNA Testing Kit Procedure: 

First, we had to submit a code online to activate the kit. Simple.

After that, it was time to spit. A lot. (Actually, about a 1/4 of a teaspoon, but it feels like more!) 

Once the collection tube is filled to the black mark, you cap it and twist to release a blue solution that mixes with the sample. 


Shake for a few seconds and then place the tube inside the baggie.

Place the baggie inside the box to return to the collection center. 


According to the website, it will take 6 – 8 weeks, possibly longer, for the results of our DNA testing kits to be accessible online. 

I’ve never really been curious about my heritage, feeling that I know it already.

We’ll see if there are a few surprises in store!


Have you tried DNA testing? What was your experience?

(Interested in a kit, too? Click here!


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4 thoughts on “DNA Testing Kit (Ethnic Search)”

  • I did have my DNA tested using the same type of kit you did. All my life I heard that we were Irish and German with some Native American. Based on my paternal grandmother’s maiden name, I surmised that we might also have some English ancestry, but always believed I was mostly Irish. WELL, what an interesting and fun result. It was fascinating to read. I have absolutely NO Native American DNA. I was only 6% Irish, although I recognize that my ancestors who came from Ireland had other ethnicities. I am 14% Scandinavian, which was a complete surprise, 10% Western European, which could be the German factor, and less than 1% Eastern European Jew. Surprisingly, my DNA was 60% British. It was a fun adventure to discover all this.

  • My son did this a few years back. We got some unexpected results. Our ancestry is far reaching.


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