Betrayal: Biblical Perspective (Forgiveness)



Betrayal. It’s a horrible word that most of us know all too well.

 Recently, someone who was like family betrayed me.

This person has been in my life for nearly a decade.

We were close enough that I called her family, even after her betrayal, and tried to work it out.


Betrayal Backstory:

She was needy in multiple ways that I tried to help fill, by offering advice, support, and money.

However, when I needed help with a project, one she could do easily, she refused. 

No money was required of her, just her time. 

 Oh, she apologized and said she loved me, but was “unable” to help. 

After all I had done for her, I was shocked. Disappointed. Hurt. Confused. 


How could she refuse to help, when I needed her?

I accepted her apology and extended forgiveness, which I’m supposed to do as a Christian.

Understand that forgiveness isn’t for the other person; it’s for you and for me.

I wouldn’t carry that burden. No, I learned long ago that the only person who would continue to be hurt would be me.


Betrayal Forward: 

While I would honestly like to say a few choice words to her that would inflict pain, I won’t.

While I would honestly like to unfriend her, I won’t.

What I will do: I’ll pray for her.

I’ll welcome her, if she wants to talk and work things out.

I’ll hope that her situation works out well.

I’ll do these things because it’s right.

I’ll do these things because I have Jesus before me as a role model.

How could I do otherwise? 

Ephesians 4:32

(UPDATE: After another attempt to reach out for reconciliation with no success, I realize that my relationship with this person is probably over. While the door is always open from my side, the next step must be hers.)


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(Here’s another commentary on betrayal.) 

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2 thoughts on “Betrayal: Biblical Perspective (Forgiveness)”

  • Ouch, it really hurts when that happens and it’s so difficult sometimes to forgive . I’m glad you have the Lord’s strength behind you. HAve you tried talking to her and explaining how you felt?

    • Yes, I have. After I wrote the post, but before it was published, she texted and said she was going through a hard time, but would help me. I responded in a positive manner, but I haven’t heard from her since that point. It’s sad, because we were like family. Thank you for your kindness, Michelle! Emily


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