Baked Tilapia for a Fast Weeknight Meal


 My husband and I often enjoy Baked Tilapia, for a healthy, weeknight meal.

It’s a great go-to recipe that will yield delicious results!

It’s quick and easy to make, but more importantly, it’s baked in the oven with lots of EVOO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

With a few seasonings thrown in, it’s a meal you can eat and be satisfied with both the taste and the nutrition factor.


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Baked Tilapia Preparation:

To begin, take a package of frozen Tilapia filets and place them in a dish or on a cookie sheet, being sure to spray first with non-stick cooking spray.

Place the fillets on either the direct surface or on foil, which will mean a superfast clean-up.

Drizzle the fillets with EVOO, and be generous! Olive oil is heart-healthy.

Baked Tilapia

To that, I add a dash of salt and pepper, some garlic powder, and some parsley to the tops of the filets.

Then, just for good measure, I add more EVOO.

Yeah, I’m crazy that way.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 12-15 minutes; you don’t want to overcook the fish, which cooks fairly quickly.

Baked Tilapia

Baked potatoes pair well with this fish; microwaving usually takes about 5-7 minutes.

To complete a healthy meal, serve a green salad with vinaigrette dressing.

Fast, healthy, and tasty: This Baked Tilapia meal is the total package!

So the next time you’re wondering what to fix for dinner, try this great tasting and healthy meal for your family.

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Baked Tilapia


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